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Jeandré Gerber was born in Cape Town, South-Africa on June 26th 1984. Since an early age it was apparent that Jeandré's mind was meant to create. He started writing at age six and quickly completed his first trilogy at age seven dealing with the colorful adventures of "Detective Droopy" (based of the character Droopy).

Since then he has been actively involved in all things art as he started playing classical piano at age eight, and eventually mastered the Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Djembe, Harmonica and vocals.

Jeandré moved to Mexico at age thirteen where he was placed in a private school. After he graduated high school he ventured on numerous adventures all over Mexico including "hitching rides" to the virgin beaches of Oaxaca at age 18. Jeandré's sense of adventure inspired several major events that would radically redefine his life. Along with his wife Ileana Martinez and a close friend, the True Art Gathering was created. This constituted of several independent art events that would combine different disciplines in order to spark a platform for the independent artist. Currently five of these events have been made and it is rumored that the next one will happen sometime next year in Washington.

Jeandré is an expert in writing screenplays, fictional and non-fictional books in any genre, poetry, SEO content, Marketing content, Marketing scripts, Stage plays, Guides, E-books and much more.

Ever since Jeandré started writing for the various freelancing platforms available he has been hired time and again by several independent film companies and known blogs such as HP. He has several featured articles and many online publications. His dedication to his work has granted him over 10,000 paid articles in the course of two years and he is currently working on several independent creative projects including his Web Series entitled "The Purge" and his collection of short stories entitled "While Waiting".


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