Monday, September 26, 2011

Severed Screenplay

The following Screenplay was a re-write for an Australian company called Star-Media.

The story relates to the infamous tale of Lorena Bobbit yet deals with a different perspective than what we heard on the mainstream news channels.

Feel free to download the script which originally was 19 pages long and was worked down to 7. This film will be part of festivals.


Severed© is about the story of a cheating husband, an angry house wife and a sexy secretary. The McKenzie’s seem to be having marital problems as Brian (The husband) is always away at the office. When Jane (the wife) stops believing that her husband is merely working, she decides to follow him where she discovers that he is having an affair with Samantha (the secretary). In a fit of rage she does the one thing most feared by men. She took his manhood by force.
Tales of cheating spouses are common stories yet few received as much attention as is the case of the McKenzies. Office romance many times lead to divorce, yet in the case of Severed© we see a different reaction to infidelity. We never truly know somebody, even if we have been married to them for over ten years. You never know whether your spouse will turn on you and cheat, or even worse, what the cheated spouse is capable of. In the end Severed© will take us down the dark and twisted roads of relationships, where this particular break up manifests in a bloody mess. 
Explore the darkest regions of betrayal and revenge through this compelling tale based on true events that caught global attention. Some people will look at Severed© and find heroes in villains, and find compassion in brute violence. One thing is for sure, that if this doesn’t make you think twice about cheating on your wife, then nothing will.


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