Monday, August 15, 2011

About Me: An Introduction

Jeandré Gerber was originally born in Cape Town South Africa. Since a child he has been involved in artistic endeavors and completed his first trilogy at age seven for a national child writers competition. Jeandré's natural writing abilities continued to expand as he created several Role Playing Games, Novels, Poetry Books, Screenplays, Manifesto's and much more. His love for music and the arts drove him to create the True Art Gathering (http://trueartgathering.blogspot)which in essence is a global platform for local artists in a wide array of disciplines. Jeandré has created with great success seven independent festivals in the United States and Mexico.

Jeandré is fluent in English, Spanish and Afrikaans due to his international exposure which ultimately aids him in his writing endeavors. His global outlook on life allows him to capture the "voice" of the employer with great ease and always delivers the project as was requested. Jeandré's policy and work ethics ensures quality work all the time with no additional costs for re-writes if the end product was not satisfactory to the client. By looking at the reviews on Jeandré's profile, one can only conclude that "top quality" is the only result that can be obtained by contracting his services. Jeandré is "trust worthy" with any project he takes on whether it be small of big. You can rest assured that your money will be put to good use and that you will be pleasantly surprised with the "exceptional standard of quality" from Jeandré.


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