Sunday, August 28, 2011

Horror Screenplay

Hell Cats was a project that I did for an independent film maker that was working on a DVD compilation regarding Zombies. I wrote Hell Cats with an "open ending" allowing the characters to evolve into a full fledge series. The indy film maker requested that I create an alternative ending for the purpose of the DVD compilation of where the two protagonists die. What you will be able to see below is the altered ending to Hell Cats.

Currently I am working on the Purge which is another Zombie Web Series that will involve a global collective of independent film makers. 

Please feel free to download "Hell Cats: Death Ending PDF" by clicking the link below the picture.

Story Description:

The story of Jess and Tess, two working girls, who find Jess' boyfriend Bud, dead. While they process the totality of the events the "thought to be dead Bud" comes back alive.

Check out Poche Pictures for more info (Screenplay under a different name)

Hell Cats


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